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Words used herein regardless of the number and gender specifically used, shall be deemed and construed to include any other number, singular or plural, and any other gender, masculine, feminine or neuter, as the context requires.




To begin, we would like to thank you for the interest and confidence you have shown in Intraglobe (hereinafter referred to as "business" or “company”). Our mandate is to make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. Our experienced team will strive to work on all the details of your move so that it is successful and hassle free.

We will honour the contract with the representative assigned to your file, as well as the terms and conditions stipulated in this document. We will assist you through all stages of your move and when confirmed, a logistics specialist will be assigned to your file.




When you book with us, you expressly and unequivocally agree to all terms and conditions of this document.

By accessing, browsing, or completing your online booking, you agree to be legally bound by our terms and conditions. You also acknowledge that you have read and understood the scope of the terms and conditions of this document, given their significance for the entire duration of the transportation of your goods and their storage, if applicable. You certify that you have had more than sufficient time to do so, have had the opportunity to obtain a legal counsel and have accepted to access this document via a web link sent to the email address indicated to your file.

Furthermore, you agree that all the terms and conditions contained in this document apply to all transactions. Please, read these terms and conditions carefully and feel free to send your questions in writing to our legal department via legal@imsmovingnetwork.com in case of misunderstanding or to receive general information. However, please note that our staff is not authorized to give legal advice or counsel about your rights in your particular case.

If you do not wish to accept the terms and conditions in their entirety, you must not proceed with the electronic reservation, otherwise you may be legally bound, and you must contact the representative assigned to your file as soon as possible.




IMS Moving Network is the administrative and logistics division of the company. This division belongs to the same company. After completing your reservation, IMS Moving Network will take care of your contract and continue the work originally agreed.

All terms and conditions apply to both our company and IMS Moving Network and you agree that IMS Moving Network may perform the remainder of your booking by managing the logistics and administration of your contract.




The terms and conditions of this document are applicable to all other persons involved in your move (e.g. your family members, dependents, co-signer (s), etc.), as well as to any other person who replaces you in your rights or who could legally represent you.




The international moving field is very complex and requires close collaboration between several parties in different countries. Moving internationally requires scheduling all steps in advance, therefore a strict coordination. That being said, we will do everything in our power to meet your expectations.

The peak season in the international moving industry is usually between March 1st and October 31st. It is particularly busy between June 1st and August 31st. The intensity of these periods also applies across the various ports and terminals internationally and could have an effect on delays.




You will find below the description of the terms applicable to your moving contract:

  1. "Difficult Access" includes, but is not limited to:
    1. The written mention on the contract or quotation;
    2. A restricted or prohibited area where it is not possible or permitted to drop a container and / or park the vehicle used to transport your goods;
    3. A space where it is possible to drop a container and / or park the vehicle used to transport your belongings, but which is unsafe for the movers to perform their tasks;
    4. A space where you can drop a container or / and park the vehicle used to transport your belongings, but which is obstructed by obstacles preventing the movers from effectively performing their tasks;
    5. An environment preventing the container or / and the vehicle used to transport your goods to pass to access the designated address;
    6. An environment requiring the services of a shuttle to access the designated address;
    7. An environment where the soil is composed of materials that prevent the movers from performing their tasks effectively (e.g. oil, sand, a narrow or muddy road, a wooded trail, etc.);
    8. An address located in an environment composed of narrow, difficult roads or with few indications (e.g. mountainous area, isolated area);
    9. An address that requires going up or down one or more floors and is either without a elevator, has an elevator that is not working or is dysfunctional, has an elevator that has not been reserved for movers to perform their tasks effectively or provided with an elevator that does not allow the descent or ascent of heavy or large objects;
    10. An address with door, framing or any other openings and paths that prevent property from passing correctly for the purposes of the move;
    11. An environment requiring the use of special equipment or requiring the passing of objects through the frame of a window to complete the move (e.g. the use of a forklift).
  2. "Easy Access" means a space where it is possible to legally deposit a container or / and park the vehicle used to transport your goods safely close to the designated address and according to the written mention on the contract or quotation;
  3. "Administration" and "Administrative Fees" include, but are not limited to, services rendered by the departments related to sales, accounting, collection, logistics, litigation and claims, human resources, legal affairs and Transit Protection;
  4. "Quotation" and "Contract" mean a contractual agreement based on estimates and therefore, containing prices subject to change;
  5. "Deposit" is a non-refundable fee necessary to reserve a moving date and to plan your move. This amount allows our staff, among other things, to communicate in advance with third parties, to obtain quotations, to reserve a container, to reserve a place in a warehouse, to reserve a vehicle for transport, to establish a first contact with an agent at destination, etc.;
  6. "Right of retention" and "retention" means the right to retain / keep your property until full payment of the balance due. In general, a carrier has the right to retain the transported goods until the payment of freight, transport costs and, where appropriate, reasonable costs of storage;
  7. "Floor" means the space between two successive floors of a building. The actual number of floors is not necessarily related to the floor numbers or other common designation (e.g. ground floor);
  8. "Fragile" means any goods requiring special packing and movement necessary for its protection;
  9. "Postage costs / Shipping fees" includes postage directly payable to the destination agent for his services;
  10. Destination Terminal Handling Charge (DTHC)” includes shipping charges payable to the shipping company (e.g. charges for loading and unloading the container, handling and storage charges);
  11. "Handling charges" include the costs associated with the handling of goods between the conveyance and the delivery or storage site;
  12. "Groupage" is the default mode of transportation unless otherwise specified. For all details, go to section 13 entitled "Quotation / Contract";
  13. "Logistics" means a set of methods and means related to the organization of the transport of your goods and includes handling, services related to all types of transport (by land, sea or air), packaging and sometimes supplies. Logistics includes the management of the transportation of your goods, their journey / routing, their storage and the use of third parties to fulfill the obligations of the contract.
  14. "Heavy" means any property requiring the force of more than two movers to be able to safely move the property. This term also includes the written statements on the contract or quotation;
  15. "Origin" and "Destination" mean the country of origin where the goods are picked and the country of destination where the goods are delivered;
  16. "Subcontractor" means a natural or legal person performing work for our company, IMS Moving Network, the destination agent or any other third parties. For example, it may be a warehouseman or a designated mover;
  17.  "Third party" means any person or legal entity who has not directly contracted with you. These may include customs, government authorities, a shipping company, the destination agent, a subcontractor, the electrician or plumber required to mount or dismantle, etc. ;
  18. "Volume" includes the volume of your packaged goods and the unoccupied space in the container that cannot be filled, whether due to the special shape of one of your belongings or the arrangement of stacked boxes. For further information, consult section 13 entitled "Listing / Contract".




By reserving with us, you agree to keep a valid email address for all communications and to notify us as soon as possible in case of any change. You also agree that email communication is the primary means of communication for practical purposes and understand that this is the most effective way to get in touch with our staff and IMS Moving Network. All staff will also prefer to email you. You are therefore, responsible for the effective management of your email account at all times and to inform us of any changes to reach you. You also agree that certain e-mail communications may be mandatory for administrative and legal purposes (e.g. change to the listing / contract, proof of payment, agreement, notification of legal documents, etc.).




You warrant that you are authorized and entitled to perform this Agreement on your own behalf and on behalf of any person or entity involved. You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement and agree to the terms set forth in this Agreement. You confirm that you have fully understood the terms of this Agreement and have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that you do so. You confirm that you have had the opportunity to consult legal counsel and any other advisor of your choice as to the content of this agreement and you expressly and voluntarily agree to it.




Since international relocation requires the use of different modes of transport, the involvement of third parties and compliance with applicable national and international laws, your cooperation throughout your move will be essential.

You will find below a non-exhaustive list of your obligations (if applicable):




We are in charge of choosing the methods and means to transport your goods and we will choose the most convenient and economical way to make your move, unless otherwise specified or subject to the customs of the multimodal international transportation industry.




We reserve the right to subcontract, in part or in full, the transportation and removal of your goods. Due to the nature and complexity of our domain, third parties may contact you directly by default due to their internal policies or obligations under national or international laws.




By accepting our terms and conditions, you declare to be the legal owner of the goods declared and have the authority and full power to have them transported without restriction to the chosen destination. Should you be acting on behalf of another person, the company will require his or her written authorization as well as his or her legal identity and full contact information. You will be responsible for notifying us of any changes, so that we can contact you or contact the person you represent at all times.




Any changes made by a customer must be made in writing in advance as soon as possible. Our company reserves the right to accept or refuse any changes made after booking. For example, if you decide to carry more goods than quoted / contracted or change your address, you must notify us promptly, in which case we reserve the right to accept or reject changes. We will do our best to try to accommodate you, but additional fees may apply.




13.1. Validity


The quotation / contract will be valid for a period of thirty (30) days, but may be subject to exceptions (e.g. in case of an act of god).

After this period, the quotation / contract may fluctuate according to several factors such as the price of fuel, the tariff of shipping companies, exchange rates of currencies, the tariff of third parties, such as agents / movers, and others. If these costs increase, we reserve the right to increase the total price of the moving services.

Every effort will be made to notify you of any price increase at least fifteen (15) days prior to your departure date. Also, all prices may reflect the extent of administrative costs incurred. In order to remain competitive, we reserve the right to refuse any price equalization. Our prices are primarily based on anticipated costs and anticipated demand.


13.2. Indicated prices


Prices indicated in the quotation / contract are based solely on estimates. These prices may be subject to change, for example depending on the additional volume (m3) and the addition of services or costs not provided in the quotation / contract.

In addition, the price may vary depending on a variety of unforeseeable factors including fuel cost, exchange rate, customs clearance fees, postage or terminal charges, overweight expenses for heavy items which were not initially noted on the quotation / contract (e.g. a piano), the costs incurred due to the difficult access to the original or destination address, the costs necessary for the employment of unexpected equipment but necessary for loading or unloading your goods(e.g. a crane), shuttle service charge, absence of elevator and other unforeseen factors not discussed during the booking.

As mentioned in the previous section, any change on the part of the customer must be made in writing as soon as possible, in which case we may accept or refuse such a change.


13.3. Accuracy of information


All necessary efforts will be made to ensure that the information contained in the quote / contract is accurate to the best of our knowledge when issued. Every effort has been made to ensure that the rates presented in this quotation / contract are representative of the information provided to us. However, it remains essential to collaborate on an ongoing basis with our staff and to provide details about your expectations and the property to be moved.

However, if the estimates that we have received with your participation are significantly disproportional to the actual work required, we reserve the right not to accept your reservation and cancel it at your expense. For example, a move that you consider to be 5 m3 in volume that ultimately requires moving a volume of 15 m3 is a disproportionate difference since it requires either the use of a larger truck, the rental of another container, employing more movers and preparing more equipment to pack your belongings.


13.4. Types of services available


For most destinations, we can offer the following types of services: door to door, door to terminal / port, terminal to terminal / port and terminal to door. We suggest that you check if these types of services are available in the chosen destination country, as some destinations are not covered due to some difficulties and restrictions.


13.5. Date of the move


Although the date of the chosen move is generally respected, events outside the carrier's control may occur, whether in relation to the availability of containers, truckers, broken equipment or any other unforeseen circumstances requiring us to change the date of the move. For example, the movers could arrive two hours later than the scheduled time. In any case, we will advise you as soon as possible to agree on the best possible solution to accommodate you and choose another moving date.


13.6. Minimum volume and weight


The volume and weight stipulated in the quotation / contract constitutes the minimum threshold to be paid by the customer. In order to be prepared for the logistics required to transport the estimated volume of goods, we incur costs of logistics, operations, administration and human resources. As a result, if the actual volume of goods to be relocated turns out to be less than originally planned in the quote / contract, you will be charged for the volume that was estimated. However, if the actual volume is greater than the estimated volume, you will be charged additional fees. The same rules also apply in relation to the estimated weight.

If the chosen destination requires maritime transportation, only the shipping company is able to determine actual volume and actual weight. These measurements can be confirmed during the weighing taking place at the port / terminal.

If the chosen destination does not require maritime transportation, the actual volume and actual weight can be determined by weighing the shipment at a designated warehouse.


13.7.1. Groupage: Non-exclusive container to transport your goods


Unless specified otherwise in the quotation / contract, the groupage mode will be applicable by default in order to help with resource conservancy and overall environmental heath.

Groupage allows us to choose the best itineraries during the trip and is one of the most ecological means in our industry. A groupage means that several Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments with different bills of lading, different owners, and sometimes different destinations, can be loaded into a single container. This is also known as a non-exclusive container.

That being said, the container containing your goods cannot leave the port until it is full as the costs voyage must be shared between owners. Groupage is useful in case the volume of your goods does not fill the entire available space of the container.

However, if you wish to rent the entire space of the container to transport your goods by exclusive container, you must notify your sales representative as soon as possible given the complexity required to schedule a new reservation and cancel the first with the shipping carrier. Additional fees will be required. We will do everything in our power to accommodate you, however it may not be possible to opt for an exclusive container if the goods are already on the boat or if you refuse to pay the extra charges.


13.7.2. Groupage : Non-exclusive vehicle to transport your goods


Unless specified otherwise in the quotation / contract, a groupage will be applicable by default in order to help with resource conservancy and overall environmental heath.

Groupage allows us to choose the best itineraries during the trip and is one of the most ecological means in our industry. It means that the vehicle (e.g. truck) used to transport your goods to the final destination will not be able to leave the warehouse until it is filled with other loads. The operating costs of this vehicle will be divided among the various owners of the property it will contain.

If you want to rent the entire vehicle space so that your belongings will be transported in an exclusive vehicle, you must notify your sales representative as soon as possible to be able to modify your contract. Additional fees will be required.


13.7.3. Exclusive container: Warning


The reservation of an exclusive container does not guarantee a faster shipment of goods overseas. This shipment depends, among other things, on the availability of the boats, the route planned by the shipping company and the degree of traffic at ports and terminals.


13.8. Exemption from liability for charges at destination


We cannot be held responsible for any charges related to customs or immigration services, including but not limited to customs duties, government taxes, customs duties and other charges, shipping and handling charges, inspection and any other charges required for the importation of goods.

These fees are not included in your contract. You will be required to pay any fees from a competent authority at your destination.


13.9. Unplanned or additional service charges


We reserve the right to charge you for the services of third parties not provided for in the contract that have been incurred and an additional amount representing 20% of the price of these services. These charges may arise from originating services or from destination or surplus services. These fees may also arise from other types of unplanned services.




At any time, any dates or periods of time that you will be given to determine the arrival time of your goods at the final destination address are only estimates. Pickup, delivery, departure and arrival dates are always approximate and may be subject to change.

We cannot be held responsible for delays due to the complexity of all components and third parties involved in the logistics of transporting your goods. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the dates and deadlines, we can only estimate them. In fact, there may be congestion at the port / terminal, the shipping company may encounter unforeseen difficulties, customs may initiate random inspections under applicable national and international laws, etc.




In general, you must make at least two mandatory payments before moving your property.

The first payment represents an initial deposit during the online booking. These booking fees can be paid by credit card, bank transfer, Interac transfer, direct deposit, cash or check.

The second payment represents the estimated total amount of your contract. This payment must be made at the latest on the day of the shipment of your goods. You can make the second payment by check, direct deposit, bank transfer, Interac transfer or cash only. Credit cards are not accepted for this second payment unless specifically agreed with the sales representative assigned to your file.

Full payment of any invoice is usually an essential condition for the delivery of your goods. In general, the carrier has the right to retain the transported goods until payment of freight, transportation costs and, where applicable, reasonable storage charges. Additional fees may apply, including the administration of your file, the storage of your property, the applicable interest for late payment and any excluded services or events not planned for in your contract. They will be entirely at your expense.

A final invoice will be issued as soon as all estimates can be overturned or confirmed and all the details of your move will be known. If there is an outstanding balance, you will immediately be asked to pay it upon the issuing date on the invoice. For example, the volume of goods (m3) may have been initially underestimated and the costs must be adjusted accordingly. Since the quotation is only an estimate of the prices and services to be rendered, the total estimated cost may require adjustments.

To illustrate this better, customs sometimes conduct random inspections. If goods contained in a container have not been honestly declared by one of the shippers, delays may occur and result in penalty fees. Similarly, illegal goods may be seized and destroyed by customs in accordance with applicable law.




A monthly interest rate of 2% (equivalent to an annual rate of 24%) will apply to the entire balance remaining unpaid for 30 days or more from the issuing date of the invoice.




We accept credit cards, such as MasterCard and Visa, for the payment of the online deposit. If your payment is made using MasterCard and Visa, be advised that the name of IMS Moving Network will appear as the service seller on your account statement, not the name of our company. By paying by credit card to pay for your reservation / contract, you expressly agree to the terms and conditions of your moving contract. You also agree to pay said deposit to formalize the reservation of your moving contract. As mentioned, the payment of the final invoice cannot be completed by credit card, unless otherwise agreed.




On occasion, our company advertises promotional offers, which may be available outside of the major moving season. During the high season, these promotions may be refused, except in the case of a written agreement to the contrary.




If we cannot honour a moving service for any reason, we will reimburse you for the total amount collected. This will only be possible if the Operations and Logistics Management Department reaches this conclusion. The interpretation of a customer has no influence on the decision taken to make the refund. A customer's notice will not have the effect of triggering this refund procedure.

If you decide to cancel your quotation / contract, the deposit will not be refunded since it was paid as a reservation fee. We reserve the right to keep all sums already paid and to be paid in full for any balance due. In fact, if services have been rendered, the costs incurred will be retained.

In addition, following the cancellation of your listing / contract, an amount of 20% of the total amount of the contract may be retained as a cancellation penalty, at the discretion of the company. The remaining amount will be refunded.

A final invoice for the commission and service fees will be produced and the details of the amounts due or refunded will be communicated to you.




For a successful move and to familiarize yourself with the formalities of importing your goods to the country of destination, you must rely on the different government authorities of that country, such as consulates and embassies. It is your responsibility to inform yourself before booking for an international move. Thus, we cannot be held responsible for not having advised you on the rules, the formalities and the applicable laws, nor for the possible consequences in the event of restriction, modification, taxation or cancellation of the services related to your move.




Our company and its suppliers / subcontractors cannot assume liability for any loss, damage or injury of any nature, whether in whole or in part resulting from an act of God or any other force majeure, including but not limited to: a fire, a volcanic eruption, an environmental eruption, environmental pollution, environmental contamination, inclement weather, deterioration due to temperature, earthquake, flood, water or power shortages or failures, tropical storms or hurricanes, riots or civil commotions or disturbances and any other acts of similar nature, sabotage, arrest, strikes or other labour disruptions, restraints of rulers or people, expropriations, acts of terrorism, war, insurrection, quarantine restrictions, government health advisories or warnings or alerts of any kind or nature, government seizures, refusal or cancellation or suspension or delay of any government authority of any license, permit or authorization, damages to its facilities in Canada, France or any other country, and any other factor unforeseen by our company that impacts negatively or hampers it ability to fulfill any of its contractual obligations.

All of these factors are beyond the control of our company and its suppliers / subcontractors, and do not constitute a failure to operate properly or to manage the customer's transportation.

Moreover, factors beyond our control cannot be held against us. In the event that any of these conditions apply, we shall be excused, discharged or released from contractual obligations to the extent that such obligations are limited or prevented, without liability of any kind.




When reserving with us, you agree to indemnify and not hold our company and its suppliers / subcontractors liable against actions (including legal fees), claims, losses, costs and damages that the latter may incur, sustain, charge or pay arising out of or in connection with your negligence or intentional act or offense or omission causing a disorder or damage, in relation to any incident alleged to have occurred during the moving process.




When you book with us, the following information (non-exhaustive list) must be provided in order to offer you an efficient service:

When booking with us, you certify that all the information provided is up to date and you agree to notify us of any changes as soon as possible.

The information collected may be transferred from your region, province, country, or other territorial division to and stored on computers located in a location where the data protection laws may differ from those of your current territory of residence.

By reserving with us and submitting this information, you consent to the transfer of your data for the purpose of the quotation / contract.

Our company, IMS Moving Network, its suppliers and subcontractors may disclose your data in good faith if they believe that this is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation, protect and defend their rights or property, prevent possible wrongdoing or to investigate such acts in connection with quotation / contract and to protect against civil liability.




Your contract is managed by our head office located in the province of Quebec in Canada. It will be submitted and must be interpreted according to the laws of Canada and the laws of the province of Quebec.

Any legal action shall be debated in the province of Quebec in Canada. The courts of the district of Montreal will be competent to settle all disputes.



If any provision of this document, or any part of it, is declared inapplicable, void or invalid by a court, the remaining provisions or parts will remain in full force and effect.
If a court decides that any provision of this document is inapplicable, void or invalid, the provision in question shall be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law and all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

If a court decides to invalidate a disclaimer, the parties to this agreement expressly agree to treat these clauses as also intended to limit / reduce liability.




For details regarding those options, please contact one of our representatives. In the absence of protection, loss or damage to your property will be at your risk.




For details regarding those options, please contact one of our representatives. In the absence of protection, loss or damage to your property will be at your risk.




When booking with us, you expressly agree that the maximum amount that may be awarded for any loss or damage to goods, whether as a result of negligence or not, shall be calculated on the following basis:

  1. the value of the goods at the place and time of shipment with the applicable depreciation; or
  2. when a value lower than that referred to in paragraph (a) is entered on the Valued List, this lower value shall be the maximum amount.

The amount of any loss or damage calculated in accordance with the provisions of the above paragraphs must not exceed $0.60/lb, depending on the total weight of the shipment, unless a higher value has been declared on the bill of lading.

The maximum liability is applicable during the transportation of your goods and during their storage.




You can save money by packing or unpacking your goods yourself. Nevertheless, be aware that you will be held responsible for any damage to property that you have packed by yourself or anyone else you choose. Similarly, you may be liable for damage to property when the unpacking is not done by our professional team or by the agent at destination. It is therefore, recommended to use quality equipment that can withstand the rigor required for an international move.




If you cannot be found or refuse or neglect to take delivery of the property or where, for any other reason, we cannot deliver the property through no fault of our own, a notice will be sent to you in order to try to receive your instructions as to disposal of your goods. In an emergency, however, we may dispose of perishable property without notice. If we receive no instructions between 15 and 30 days, we may start the process of seizing and selling your property and may take any of the following actions:

  1. Have your shipment destroyed at your expenses; and/or
  2. Return your shipment to you at your expenses; and/or
  3.  Return your shipment to Canada at your own expenses which will then the cargo will be “abandoned”; and/or
  4. Inform the agent at destination or customs to declare your shipment abandoned; and/or
  5. Dispose of your goods; and/or
  6. Any other measures that we see fit.

Without prejudice to our rights, if your goods have been entrusted for safekeeping, and are not claimed within 90 days from completion of the work or the agreed time, it is considered to be forgotten and we may dispose of your goods after 90 days of this notification by auction sale, or by agreement. We may also give a thing that cannot be sold to a charitable institution or, if that is not possible, dispose of it as we see fit.




In case of infestation or contamination of your goods during transportation or storage, whether by pests, insects or other materials, you will be held responsible for the costs incurred for their decontamination and cleaning and all other costs that may be required by third parties. Given the specific customs requirements of each country, the methods used will be imposed. We will not be liable for damage to property caused during these processes. If customs or any other regulatory authority requires the destruction of your property because of its condition, we will not be liable for such loss.

It is therefore, important to ensure that your goods are free of pests or other prohibited materials when going through customs. For example, a car with dirt or garbage inside could be subject to decontamination and cleaning. It could also be held in port, which could result in additional costs. You are responsible for ensuring that your assets are ready to cross borders before you even begin the move.




If you wish to hire your own agent at destination, we strongly recommend that you hire a certified agent recognized by the shipping company or by the country's government at destination. When you choose to do business with your own agent at destination, you accept the risks involved and you release us from any liability to that effect.




Finally, we hope to have enlightened you as to the terms and conditions applicable to your contract. They are standard to those of our competitors in the international moving industry and are intended to inform you with transparency. You can rest assured of our desire to provide you with satisfactory service throughout the entire process of your move. We sincerely thank you for your trust.

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