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We use recyclable packing materials during your moving process. When packing, we use specialized and padded materials such as heavy-duty boxes, cartons and plastic covers and wrap your fragile items in soft, shock absorbing materials. Our company has an excellent team of moving planning and packing professionals. Our packing specialists are highly trained, and you won’t have to worry about your belongings being handled by inexperienced movers. Our packing crew will make sure all of our packing materials are properly, securely and efficiently used, and will give you the best tips to make your moving experience as easy as possible. We have been packing and moving boxes for companies and residential clients for several years now, so you can be sure to trust our highly specialized array of packing services.

Planning your move with the most specialized packing materials

Once you have agreed on a date and time with our packing crew and they have arrived to help with your moving process, they will walk around with you to go over what needs to be packed, make a packing list and take note of fragile items that need one of our special packing services. This is part of our moving planning process. IntraGlobe’s packing crew will pack your possessions using the best packing and wrapping techniques and specialized packing materials to minimize movement and damage during the moving process. We will prepare a packing list of all items as well as important information regarding the move.

Packing materials and moving boxes to safeguard your belongings

We use heavily padded blankets as well as a wide array of other specialized packing materials to safeguard your items during the moving and shipping process.

Here is a list of some of these specialized packing materials:

Material Use
Boxes 2 cu. ft. Small dimensions, heavy things (ex: books and disks).
Boxes 4 cu. ft. Average dimensions, soft things (ex: household items and decorative objects).
Boxes 5 cu. ft. Big dimensions, voluminous objects (ex tissue, covers and toys ).
Boxes 6 cu. ft. Very big dimensions, voluminous objects (ex: pillows and lampshade ).
Boxes, model wardrobe. Movable wardrobe
Boxes for porcelain High resistance (ex: dishes, vases and other fragile objects).
Boxes for Cristal Very high resistance (ex: chinese Cristal, glassware and collectible figurines).
Boxes for mirrors and the glass Adjustable telescopic format (all formats, glass or mirror).
6-ply kraft wax paper Furniture packing cover.

Our packing crew is highly experienced, and by making a packing list they are making our company responsible for your items during the packing process. Our partial or complete packing services are offered as part of an international or overseas move. The cost of IntraGlobe's partial packing services includes the time and equipment necessary for the load. As for the cost of our complete packing service, it is established at an hourly rate, plus the cost of equipment used. Our company recommends that this step of the moving process be completed at least 24 hours before the move.

Amongst many other things, we take the hassle out of the packing process of your international move so you can have an enjoyable moving experience.

Packing tips and moving boxes – contact IntraGlobe for all your packing needs!

Proper packing is very important to a good move. Our team of highly experienced packing experts has the best know-how to make sure your belongings arrive at their destination. Our packing tips can also be useful if you want to do your own packing and we can supply you with some packing materials for your move.

Our packers will bring our specialized packing materials to your home or company. To reduce the risk of damage during the moving process, we only use the best packing materials for your international move and specific packing materials, cartons or boxes will be used for specific items. We use special boxes for heavy items such as books and records, special cartons for mattresses, china and glass and hanging wardrobe boxes for clothes.

Packing for companies and residential clients everywhere in Canada

Our packing experts can help you for your move in and around the following cities across Canada:

Our packing, shipping and moving experts can help you in your next relocation across Canada, including to or from the following major cities:

Compare our packing and moving rates…we are among the best in Canada for the amount of services and destinations offered!

Packing services as well as freight, cargo and container shipping overseas and across the world.

IntraGlobe is a leader when it comes to packing and shipping to and from Montreal, Quebec, or almost any other major city in Canada. Contact us if you are shipping containers, a car, freight or any type of cargo to and from the following countries, if you require packing tips or if you need any of our packing services:

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