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Intraglobe offer you a full range of moving services and of set up to simplify your installation with confidence in Canada.

We handle each aspect of your move on the Canadian territory, we cater to a clientele in needs of assistance in all their relocation needs. We can provide you a full service of assistance on your moving needs and your installation of your family in Canada.

We do not do Immigration procedure, you will need to have a specialized attorney for this.

In short, we promise to give you the best relocation and moving services.



- International care of your move

- Research of an appartment or purchase of a house

- Support with the governments procedures

We are a very complete Moving and Relocation company that will assist you.

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We will offer several services and packages for your search rental property, our help will offer tours, credit investigation over lease signing your rental property. Thus, we will be there to accompany you while shopping for furniture and necessities.

During the school registration of you children we will be present for your administrative approaches to the school board.

The company Intraglobe will be present for your relocation project since you left until you arrive.

Discover our beautiful province

You can enjoy the packages we offer you to visit our beautiful province and the surrounding area during your prospecting trips.

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